Back to Basics

This past September Eric and I stopped working on Grafighters. We had hit roadblocks in every direction, technical breakdowns, game design issues, and financial woes. We debated closing up shop and were forced to move on to other endeavors.

It’s amazing what some time away from a project will do. This morning I set out to write a “memorial” post for Grafighters, thanking everybody for supporting us along the way. Yet, after a few months of mental vacation, Eric and I realized we didn’t miss the crazy algorithms, the complicated game mechanics, or the never perfect animation technology.

What we did miss was the characters and the community. That is what the core of Grafighters always was about. It just took some time and perspective for us to realize it.

Spy Horse

We made the classic first timer mistake of getting WAY too ahead of ourselves in every possible way. So we’re not gonna do that anymore.

We tried to inject technology and startupness into a great childhood pastime, yet we soon realized that what we built could never live up to the power of imagination, upon which Grafighters was founded.

As of right now, we have resumed working on Grafighters. Not as the game it formerly was, but as a community for characters and their creators. A featured showdown site for the community where you go head to head against the drawings of your friends, powered by the votes of the fine people across the internet.

We are excited and hope you are too, we missed you guys!

PS Special shout out to former mentors Mike D’eredita and John Liddy for giving us this advice years ago. We finally listened, it just took awhile :)

Side note:

We still like making games, so we are gonna do that, but this time not with drawings.

If you’re into that kinda thing follow our new indie game studio @BuckLumberGames

Buck Lumber Games